Is my boyfriend about to break up with me?

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Love is supposed to be one of the most wonderful things ever! It makes our lives feel that much more meaningful. The feeling of being loved is intoxicating. But a happy relationship can quickly turn dark once it reaches the end of the line, usually referred to as a break up.

But the important thing to realize is that you WILL. GET. THROUGH. THIS! Be strong sister. And remember that you aren’t alone. Breakups happen all the time. In fact, they happen so often that we’ve uncovered the four most common stages of a break up:

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Stage 1

The first stage of a break up is the feeling of shock. This is our first reaction when we find out that our relationship is coming to and end. This feeling is normal; no one knows when, where, and how a break up will happen until it happens. So, you’ll always be taken by surprise. 🙁

Stage 2

Refusing to believe that our relationship has now had to end is the second stage which we will encounter in a break up experience. If we haven’t been shocked with the news of breaking up then maybe, we are just in denial that something is wrong with our present relationship. We try to make ourselves believe that any cracks in our relationship are just cracks that can still be solved; when in fact such cracks are hard to fix and worst of all, cannot be fixed anymore.

Stage 3

The third stage is depression. Being depressed after a break up is a completely normal feeling. No one is truly happy in a breakup, even the person who broke things off in the first place. However, we simply have to bear in mind that overthinking or wondering where we went wrong won’t do any good.

Stage 4

The last stage in a break up experience is the acceptance stage. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a break up is to accept the fact that our relationship was never meant to last in the first place. We just have to be happy that we got to experience the magic of love, even in if it was for a short while with someone whom we really loved. At this stage, you realize that it is over and you probably will be willing to meet a new person who could actually be your person and forge a happy relationship with you. There’s nothing more cathartic than realizing you could get over the person who just yesterday you thought you could never live without.

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But remember, like we said: you will get through this. With the acceptance stage comes feelings of hope and reminders that you’re worthy of an incredible and fulfilling relationship. Don’t forget that. No matter how hard the breakup you’re going through is, you are worthy of something incredible and super special.

Are there any other breakup stages that we missed? Or, are you going through a tough breakup and want to vent? If so, drop a comment below! <3

By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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