Thinking about dating a married man?

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Are you considering dating a married man? You may be having trouble finding a serious, long term relationship with someone who isn’t already attached. Let us say that you are a single lady (who’s been single for WAY too long – we feel ya!), and you have everything in the world that you need or want, except for the love of your life. There could be many reasons why you’re feeling drawn to a particular married man (or married men, in general).

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A Common Reason

We have all heard it before: Some single women say that dating married men is their preferred way to go is because not only is it easy for them, but also because it is a guaranteed no-commitment relationship. This kind of scenario is ideal when they are not looking for something too serious. And though we know many men are commitment-phobes, sometimes they just can’t help themselves. They get hooked, and not you’re stuck having to break a heart :(.

But Here’s The Problem

Whether you believe it or not, feelings are being caught on both sides. You may think it’s a no-strings sort of thing at first, but not for long. And sensing that you’re starting to get attached, he may promise that he’ll leave his wife for you. Though this sometimes happen, DON’T BELIEVE IT!.

And consider the idea that you may very well get caught and be stuck in an awkward situation. If his wife is suspicious, she very well may look through his phone and find enough evidence to lead her to you. Now that’s a sticky situation – especially if she wants to get physical and fight with you.

Also keep in mind that creeping around can be super inconvenient! Having to wait until his wife is gone to come see you (or for you to come see him). Having to wait until his wife is out of the room so he can text you. At a certain point, creeping around becomes more effort than reward.

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What is it that really drives you into the arms of a married man, who may or may not have a family? Is it the danger and the excitement of living on the edge? We’re not here to judge you, but you should know that dating married men can leave you with emotional scars that will last a life time. But that’s a whole other blog post in and of itself!

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