Get My Ex Back

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Listen up ladies. I have a story to get off my chest:

After three years or so, my boyfriend decided that we were too young for a serious relationship. He decided that we needed our own space, and to go our own separate ways. I realized then that I if I didn’t do something, I would lose him forever. I needed to figure out how to get back with my ex boyfriend by rekindling our love. My boyfriend had lost interest, but I wasn’t ready to back down just yet.

Here’s what you don’t do

At first, I thought that the solution was to call and text my ex-boyfriend constantly. If I was always in his face, I would always be in his mind. Sounds crazy, but sometimes we do crazy things to and for the people we love. I found myself feeling super jealous every time I found out he was out with friends, especially if any of them was a woman. All of my friends kept telling me to stop calling, stop texting, and stop trying to figure out what he was up to all the time, but it took me a really long time to learn how to listen to them. I know I sound crazy, but you have to hear me out.

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Here’s what you do do

Along the way, I was able to stop and really think about things: our relationship, my needs, his needs. And I found what I believed was the secret to getting back my ex-boyfriend. Listen, girls, this really does work: If you want to rekindle the love between you and your ex-boyfriend, you need to stop feeling and acting desperate, and put a little distance between yourself and him so that he can realize how important you are. Sounds simple in theory, but in practice it’s incredibly difficult.

One day, I decided to stop texting and calling up my ex. Wouldn’t you know it, a little while later he called me and asked if I could come around again to collect my stuff. I agreed, picked my things up from his place, and went back to keeping my distance. I kept it cool, calm, and collected.

He began to realize more and more that he wanted to have me in his life because I was pretending that I didn’t need him. By playing hard to get, I gave him a chance to realize how badly he missed me, and it worked. It works for a lot of people, especially if you know you’re clingy.

Read: I won!

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The more you are cool about the situation, and the harder to get you play, the more you will end up having him eat out of the palm of your hand in the end. This trick isn’t for everyone, so you really need to understand who you are, and who your ex-boyfriend is.

Although you may believe that the best course of action is to call him and text him as often as possible to talk things through during the break up (because they say communication is key!), it may actually be much more advantageous to play it cool, play hard to get, and let him come to you when he is ready to do so. Give him space to realize that he actually really wants you around.

Listen to the advice of your friends and your family members when they tell you to step back and play things cool for a bit. Putting a little bit of distance between you and your ex isn’t going to hurt anything, but it could do a world of good both for you. And at the very least, it’ll make you look a little less “crazy”.

I said what I said! Got something to say back? Let me know in the comments!

By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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