Top 3 Reasons Why Men Dump Women

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No one likes to be rejected. One form of rejection is being dumped by the person whom you really love. Being dumped is never fun. It can be the source of a great deal of pain, confusion, anger, and hurt. As a woman, who has been dumped, you may not fully understand the motives behind his actions. Luckily, men are not as complex as women when it comes to these sorts of things. Their words may say one thing, but their behaviors and actions are often a dead giveaway to their motives. This article was written to help you understand why men dump women. And in our research, we’ve found these three reasons:

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1. Lack of Communication

Communication is very important in every relationship. A lack of communication would definitely mean the end of a relationship. Hence, this is often cited as one of the top reasons of why men break up with the woman they are with. It could be a lack of communication, but it could also be that you two don’t communicate in a productive way. Screaming + accusations – trust = not productive.

2. Women Become Demanding

Another reason why men dump women is because as time goes by, they believe their significant other is becoming more and more demanding. As women, we will always have to deal with the narrative that we’re controlling. And in some situations, we can get controlling. So, if your man has broken up with you, and you remember having several fights about him spending too much time with his friends (even if your points have been justified), this could be why.

3. Being Too Clingy

There are times when women become too clingy, needy, and reliant on their man. Men like to be loved, and needed. Men like to know that your eyes are on them. BUT, sometimes it gets a little bit much for them. And if you get too clingy, they tend to back away.

The flip side is this: you might not be clingy at all, but your man thinks you are. Sometimes, when men start to feel commitment is coming and their not ready for it, they start to feel like they’re suffocating.

Most men want a woman who is independent, and can make decisions on her own. They wanted to feel wanted and needed, but only up to a certain point. If the woman makes the man the center of her life and becomes too obsessed, it usually will be too much for the man to handle.

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These reasons aren’t the only reasons, but they’re some of the biggest reasons we’ve seen for why men dump women. The best thing you can do if you were dumped, is to learn from your mistakes if you made any, and cut your losses if you come to realize he was the problem. Find peace with yourself and move forward.

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By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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