Get My Ex Back If He Left Me For Someone Else

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Did your boyfriend leave you for someone else? Did he leave you to go back to an ex? Are you asking yourself “How do I get my ex back if he left me for someone else?” because you desperately want to get him back even after he abandoned you? If you are, read on to find three tips that can help:

Tip #1

First of all, it may be best for you to move on to other guys for now. If after you date around a little and spend some time with others, you are still interested in getting back together with your ex, then you have already done one of the most advantageous things that you can do.

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By moving on to other men and being casual about the idea of getting back with your ex, not only are you relieving some of your own stress, but you are also showing your ex that you are confident and do not need him.

Tip #2

Prevention is often better than the cure. If you want to prevent breakups from happening in the first place, it is vital that you come to understand what happened to cause the breakup in the first place. You can learning from this. If you learn from the experiences of your past, it will become easier for you to make sure that the same problems do not happen again in your dating future.

Some of the most common reasons for breakups include being too needy or clingy, changes in how you act with one another, the relationship becoming boring or unfulfilling, etc. Crawling back to him after a week or two is not an option, so take the time to figure out the situation before you try to rekindle things.

Tip #3

In more cases than not, he broke up with you for a reason. What does the ex have that you don’t have? What does the new girlfriend do that you don’t?

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Now, this doesn’t mean you need to dress like her, look like her, smell like her, etc. And in fact, you shouldn’t feel compelled to change your core self for any man! But, maybe she’s the nurturing woman that you used to be with him in the beginning. Or maybe she listens to him instead of yelling at him. If she does things that you used to do, know that he left you to find the qualities in you that he felt he could no longer get from you. So, find those qualities that lie within and he may just come back.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get him back. However, you can increase the odds of winning him back if you follow our tips.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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