These Behavior Changes May Signal a Cheating Spouse

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Do you think that your spouse is having an affair? Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if your spouse is cheating on you. Fortunately, many cheating spouses eventually show signs of being unfaithful. There are just a few signs that your spouse might be cheating on you:

Your spouse joins a gym

This is a major sign when it’d something they never had any interest in doing before. If they’ve never had a problem with their weight before, why now? This could be a sign that they are trying to impress someone besides you.

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You don’t talk anymore

How often do y’all talk? If you never seem to have the deep or intense conversations that you once had, there may be a major problem here. Cheating spouses often try to distance themselves from their relationships at home.

The sexy time is different

If your spouse suddenly wants to try new things in the bedroom or if you just notice that the sex is different, they may be cheating. In fact, you may be wondering where they learned that new stuff from if it wasn’t from you!

There’s less sexy time being had

A decrease in the frequency of sex is a sign that there’s trouble in pradise. Your spouse may feel guilty about what they are doing or they may be getting enough sex already. Or they just may like the sex better with someone else so they’re holding off until they can do it with who they actually want to do it with.

The temper’s getting hotter

Your spouse may also be touchy around you, but not the good kind of touchy. This can lead to more arguments and disagreements in your relationship. Things you do may annoy your spouse more than they used to. They may actually go as far as to leave the room. Be sure to observe the changes in behavior that your spouse has towards other members of your family, too, as these could be additional signs.

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The wardrobe’s different

This works along the same lines as joining a gym to lose weight. A huge sign of cheating is when a new wardrobe is purchased and when good features are more accentuated than normal. It could mean your spouse is trying to impress someone new.

The phone usage is sneaky

When they are talking on the phone near you, do they try to lower their voice or even leave the room? That’s bad news! Hanging up a phone quickly is another signal to watch for. Be cautious of increased cell phone use, too.

In addition to examining the behavior of your spouse, the behavior of your friends should also be examined. The friends you share together may start acting differently towards you. This is often because your shared friends might know more than you do and they’re trying so hard not to be suspicious, that they end up looking suspicious!

These signs may be an indicator that your spouse is cheating on you, but there may also be reasonable causes for these behavior changes that aren’t cheating. For example, your spouse might want to look great for you, or they also may simply want to improve their health by working out more.

So, never confront your husband or wife without the proper proof. Be sure to get solid evidence of cheating, otherwise you could be creating a whole new problem in your relationship because of your lack of trust.

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By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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