5 Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

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Do you suspect that your significant other is cheating on you? If you do, you may be looking for proof. The most common way to get this proof is through spying. Unfortunately, you may be uncomfortable doing so. Or, you may not have the financial resources needed to hire a private investigator. But, there is another way that you can try to catch a cheating spouse: check his phone.

Everyone uses their cell phones as an easy means of communication. But cheaters use their cell phones for super shady activity. Lucky for you, cell phones keep full and accurate records. So, if you can get a hold of your partner’s cell phone and you have their pass code to get into the phone, you will find call logs, texts, and so much more.

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When checking your partner’s cell phone for suspicious activity, you will want to be on the lookout for names or telephone numbers that you do not recognize. Also, look for constant calls to or from a certain number. If your partner is calling one number multiple times a day, they may be cheating on you (or, they may be a REALLY clingy friend). In addition to checking the call log, also examine picture messages and text messages. These are easy to delete, but many cheaters don’t do so because they don’t believe that they will get caught.

In addition to the cell phone itself, you can also use cell phone bills as method to catch a cheater. This only works if you’re on the same cell phone plan. If you have access to the bill, check if the bill itemizes phone calls and text messages. If it does, look for unknown numbers or repeated communication.

Although not all cell phone bills automatically itemize information, many companies do give you the option of having your cell phone activity itemized. If you are the one who is responsible for paying the cell phone bill or if you are married, you may be able to change the format of your partner’s cell phone bill to have things itemized.

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These are just a few easy ways that you can check his phone to see if they’re cheating on you. Your partner hanging up when you enter a room is a bad sign. If they lower their voice, there is a good chance that they are hiding something from you.

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