Deciding To Live Together

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When you’ve been dating someone for awhile, deciding to live together is something that may come up. You need to carefully plan and figure out all of the details. If not, you and your partner are setting yourselves up for lots of potential problems. This is a situation that cannot be taken lightly; it’s a huge decision!

First off, you and your partner need to be on the same page about this decision. If you are not both on the same page about wanting to live together, the relationship will never work. You will find that you have more problems than you ever anticipated. Your relationship may begin to deteriorate and fall apart because you two aren’t cohabiting in a healthy way. These are a few things to consider when faced with the decision to move in with your SO:

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The key to a successful relationship is communication. You have to be able to talk to each other and work through things. You can prevent problems by taking the time to talk to and understand each other. If you and your SO fuss and fight all the time when you don’t live together, don’t assume all that tension goes away when you move in together.


Usually, people that make a decision to live together have been dating for an extended period of time. The couples have gotten to know each other very well. They both have an understanding of what they want out of the relationship. They may even be committed to a long term relationship with each other. And they both want to be together and have gotten close enough to where they are ready to take that next step and move forward in their relationship. Consider if time is on your side before you take the plunge.

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After a decision has been made to live together, there are other factors that come into play. You need to decide which person will be moving, or if both people are. The decision is sometimes dependent on current housing situations and other factors. Perhaps one partner owns their home or has more room in their space than the other. There could be children involved in the decision as well. If you have children, chances are that you do not necessarily want to uproot them and move them to a new home, at least not right away.

No matter what the situation is, know exactly what you want going into it. Take the time to process everything before you act. Think about the long term consequences of your decision. Is the person that you are considering living with someone that you can see yourself being in close quarters with for the foreseeable future?

Did we miss anything else that you need to consider before deciding to live together with an SO? Let us know in the comments below!

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