How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend

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So you wanna know how to talk dirty to your boyfriend? 😉 When we have close girlfriends to ask, it can be much less awkward to talk about. Plus, she might be able to give you plenty of advice. A close friend might even be comfortable telling you some of things she says to her boyfriend. That way, you’ll get some ideas.

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But, the best way to find out, how to talk dirty to your boyfriend is to ask your boyfriend. He is the best judge of what he likes and dislikes. Your girlfriends might talk a certain way to their boyfriends when they’re talking dirty, and it might be a way that your boyfriend really doesn’t like at all. Everyone is different.

If the girlfriend giving you advice, for instance, uses very raw language, that’s obviously what her boyfriend likes. He might like to hear her say the explicit words for body parts, and use slang words for sexual acts.

Your boyfriend, on the other hand, might prefer a more subtle kind of dirty talk. Some men like to hear a woman use “rough language,” while others hate it. Older men, in particular, might not be used to hearing a woman talk that way, and might not like it.

Not all dirty talk involves swear words or “raunchy” language. And your boyfriend might prefer another kind of dirty talking. Some like to hear a woman who sounds very innocent, but is using very sensual and suggestive words. And some guys like role playing, so some may want you to incorporate different personas.

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You and your boyfriend might prefer less talking and more general sounds, sometimes just involving heavy breathing or soft gasps or sighs. Sometimes that can be just as erotic as anything you could say. But the best way to find out is to simply ask your boyfriend.

The other thing you could do is introduce different things in the bedroom slowly and see how he reacts. Start out with fairly subtle dirty talk. Mix in some role playing. Try begging him to do this or that. Mix in just some sounds. Experiment! And then, when you find what he likes, keep doing that, but find ways to make it a little different each time so neither of you gets bored.

Instead of wondering how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, the best course of action is to experiment and/or ask him what he likes.

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