How To Keep His Interest

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So you want to learn how to keep his interest? Maybe you feel things getting a little cold in your love life. Or, maybe you just want to keep an amazing spark going. Either way, we have some tips for you!

When thinking of things to do with your boyfriend, try to include activities that you know he’ll really enjoy. Sometimes, there’s a tendency to pick things we like, and just assume our boyfriends will like them, too. But of all the things to do with your boyfriend, at least half should be aimed at his interests. Even if he gives you the reigns to pick, do pick with him in mind. The things to do with your boyfriend should include things he loves, too.

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A good relationship has a lot to do with balance. You share things like chores, coming up with ideas for things to do, surprising each other, etc. If you live together, you should both be contributing to the house equally. If he feels like he’s pulling all the weight, he may lose interest.

Choosing things to do that he’ll enjoy shouldn’t be hard if you know him well. If he hasn’t been your boyfriend very long, however, then simply ask him the types of things he likes to do the most. He’ll probably mention some things you would have never thought of on your own. And he’ll appreciate every moment that you take to get to know him.

For example, if he likes to swim in the ocean and you’re not really into that, make a nice picnic lunch with some of your favorite foods, and take him to the beach. He can swim while you read novel, sunbathe, or play volleyball.

Does he love golf, but you’re not really interested? Split the difference and play a fun round of mini-golf. Find a way to combine something he likes with something you like, OR maybe plan two activities (one you like and then one he likes) back-to-back.

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Part of keeping the spark is allowing some distance between you. You don’t have to do everything together. And besides, there are going to be some things that each of you loves that the other hates. If you like Broadway shows, for example, and he hates them, find a girlfriend or a family member to go to the theater. And he can take one of his buddies to something they’ll enjoy.

The point is: if you can compromise, you’ll never run out of ideas for interesting things to do with your boyfriend. And, more importantly, by showing you actually care what your boyfriend like, you’ll keep his interest.

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