How To Get Over Love

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Break ups are painful experiences that we all have gone through at some point in our life. The one thing that remains true for everyone is the desire to get past the pain. Having a relationship you built up and the person you love leave you is not a fun experience. And when it’s over, you’re stuck wondering how to get over love.

However, trying to get over love is not that simple. There is no quick fix for a broken heart. It takes time and effort to heal the emotional scars left after a break up, especially a particularly bad one. But there still are steps you can take to try and get over the break up:

Seek Comfort In Loved Ones

The first thing you want to remember is that friends and family are there for you during hard times like these. Talking with them about your troubles and going out with them to have a fun night out can do wonders for the healing process.

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Keep Busy

Another tip on how to get over love is to keep yourself busy. Sometimes, the best way to deal with pain is to forget about it. At least temporarily. If you can keep yourself occupied with various activities, you won’t have the time to dwell on the painful reality of your break up.

It can also be a very positive experience since you can use it to motivate yourself to do the things you always wanted to do. Go to the gym and get in shape. Get that body you always dreamed of. Or, take a course and advance your education. Or, spend some time on a hobby you love.

There are so many ways you can occupy your mind that not only distract you from the emotional pain, but are also very beneficial to you. It’s a win-win situation.

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Look On The Bight Side

Another thing to try and do after a break up is to remain positive. Sounds hard when you’re in pain, but simply keeping positive can be one of the best ways for dealing with a break up. Remind yourself that even though your relationship is over, your life is far from over. You have plenty of alternatives since, as they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

While break ups can be hard to deal with, there are options out there for you. Even if the methods mentioned in this article aren’t for you, there are still countless options out there to try.

It may seem impossible when it first happens, but time heals all wounds. Slowly but surely, you will get over your lost love and find someone else to be with who makes you happy. As long as you never give up, you will find that special someone.

By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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