Nicknames Are A Cute Way To Show Affection

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If you are looking for some cute, pet boyfriend and girlfriend nicknames to call each other, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Whether it is something about their character that inspires you to come up with a nickname or where they were born or the type of car they drive. You have some many options. Nicknames are a cute way to show affection and can be very creative and endearing.

The first rule is to never offend. Don’t pick a nickname that is hurtful or derogatory. Doing this will most likely end the relationship and/or cause ill feelings. This is not your objective here.

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Your objective in picking cute nicknames is to bring you two closer together and create a bond between you. You could even create your own language, so to speak. People do this all the time. You might think that this type of behavior is sappy and mushy. But, if you were really in love then you probably would be behaving the same way.

There are quite a few ways to come up with cute nicknames for the both of you. You could ask their friends for ideas. If they’ve been friends since they were young, then this friend may have some insight into their personality that you have not seen yet.

The first way to come up with a nickname for your beloved, and the easiest, is to find out if they had a nickname when they were growing up. Then just learn it well and try using it, if they liked it. If they did not and it hurt their feelings in any way, don’t use this nickname in their adult life. Additionally, if they only like it when certain people call them that nickname (and you’re not certain people), don’t use it. Some names are sacred.

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If they had a favorite toy or a favorite cartoon character, you could just incorporate that name into what you call them.

You can use the memories the two of you have created to find special nicknames for each other, too. Say you both went hiking together and came upon a waterfall. Your nickname for him could be something along the lines of ‘Raging River’ and the mist that created a rainbow in the sunlight could inspire him to call you, ‘Rainbow’. Sounds so mushy. But honestly, also sounds stinkin’ cute!

Another great source for coming up with nicknames is food. Just be careful not to get derogatory here. Fruit can be very inspirational. Peach, kiwi, kumquat, and apple are all good. Steer clear of calling someone a banana or a nut. Some people will take these the wrong way!

You can also get inspiration from animals. Panda bear, teddy bear, bunny rabbit, tiger and fox come to mind for suitable nicknames you can call each other. The list is long and varied when it comes to boyfriend and girlfriend nicknames. Be creative and you both will finally come up with one or more that will stick. After all, nicknames are a cute way to show affection and if they fit, you should use them.

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