Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me

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If your relationship is on the rocks, you’re wondering, “does my boyfriend still love me?” This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? When things are not going well in any relationship, it’s very easy to let all of our insecurities boil up to the surface.

Well, the best way to find the answer to this question is to ask him straight out! Try to prepare for the possibility that he doesn’t. If he answers you that he no longer loves, don’t beat yourself up. Some relationships just do not last and your’s could be one of them. If he’s willing to offer any insight into what went wrong, do listen. But if it turns into an accusatory screaming match where everything is your fault, consider yourself lucky he’s gone. You dodged a bullet, sister.

If he says he does still love you, then there are probably aspects of your relationship that need some work. But overall, the spark is still there. This is good. We can work with this!

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Figure out what made you start feeling like he didn’t love you. Is he spending more time away from you? Why? Is he working a lot or does he have family obligations that take up much of his time? It really doesn’t matter what the reasons are, the result is you feel lonely and unloved.

It is obvious to me that if he still loves you, your relationship needs some serious work to get back on the right track. The best way to begin is to learn to communicate better. Talk to him and see if he feels the same way. If he does then ask him if he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship better.

Do not, under any circumstances make demands on him and do not let him make any demands on you. If you work together as a team your relationship will have a much better chance of survival. If he agrees that the relationship needs work then you can both go talk to someone who is experienced in the art of putting relationships back together.

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That may be your pastor, or a trusted teacher, or someone who has been through the same things you are going through now, or a professional counselor. Who you decide to talk to is up to you and your budget. You can even get advice online. Some of it is even free. Although sometimes online advice is trash…..

Before you decide to talk to anyone though, it would be a good idea to sit down together and figure out what the problems are. Make separate lists and then go over them both together to see if things match up or if there are differing opinions as to what is wrong.

Try to work things out together. If you can, great! If you can’t, then it would be the time to speak to someone outside of the relationship and get some advice. After all of this work, if you are still wondering, “does my boyfriend still love me”, maybe it means the relationship is beyond repair.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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