Tips On How To Keep A Boyfriend

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Finding a guy who can make you feel special is a wonderful thing. People are always looking for that special someone. So when you finally find him, you want to make sure you hold onto him. You want to make him happy and do all you can for him. If you landed on this article, you’re looking for tips on how to keep a boyfriend. We got you covered so keep reading!

Part of being in love is making sure your partner is happy and without worry or regret. While we often can not control some of these aspects, we can still work to diminish negative effects as best we can.

However, as great as that sentiment is, sometimes it’s not enough. You may love him and he may love you. But sometimes it can be a rather rocky relationship. So, you might be wondering what you can do about that. There are tips on how to keep a boyfriend that can help you out:

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Speak openly and do not be afraid to tell the truth.

We often tell white lies to try and shield those we care about. However most of the time it might just be better to be open about it. Men tend to react to those around them. If you are not open with him, he probably won’t be open with you.

So if you want to hear his problems and concerns so that you can fix them, don’t be afraid to voice your own. If he has a particular habit you dislike, then make him aware of it. Do not try to make him stop. He’s his own person and he can do what he wants. But simply let him know it is a problem.

A lot of times we bottle these feelings up because we’re afraid of hurting his feelings. But then in the heat of an argument, we let these frustrations loose and he’s suddenly blindsided by your complaints. If you address things as they come up, fights don’t get as ugly.

Another pro tip: making him feel special. Men love it when you stroke their egos and reassure them that their insecurities are unfounded. Simple gestures or phrases can be all it takes to make him happy or remove any doubts he might have about the relationship.

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If he’s worrying that he’s not making you as happy as you deserve, reassure him that he is. If it is true, then take steps to help him fix that issue. Do it gently so as not to hurt him, but don’t lie to him either.

Men also love getting some attention. They want you to show them that they are the whole world to you. They want to know that you love them and love being with them. So a great tips on how to keep a boyfriend is to simply show some affection.

It doesn’t have to be anything major. If you’re watching TV together, simply cuddling up next to him under a blanket can be all it takes. Simple gestures like this can go a long way towards making your man feel loved and cared for. Ultimately it’s about showing him how important he is to you.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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