How Do I Dominate My Boyfriend? 4 Ways To Get In Control

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When people think about domination, they automatically think of the bedroom. Most couples fail to realize that domination goes beyond the bedroom. Domination is not just a sexual fantasy. It’s often a calming release for some, allowing them to relinquish control over their lives. This release is often necessary for those who have control issues. There are plenty of women who don’t understand the tools of the trade, as they have never had to dominate someone before. But if you do want to learn the tricks of the trade, keep reading. These four tips will help women who ask, ‘how do I dominate my boyfriend?’, in both sexual and non-sexual ways:

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Make Him Do Things For You

One of the easiest ways for you to dominate your boyfriend is to boss him around. Your boyfriend will feel submissive when he is forced to do things for you. You can make the request simple and helpful by asking him to do the dishes or vacuum a room. Those who are looking for more in-depth domination can ask their boyfriend for massages, foot rubs, or other hands-on requests.

Make Him You Gopher

This domination tip follows in the footsteps of the previous tip by making your boyfriend do things for you. This specific tip forces your boyfriend to be a gopher. Force him to go to the store for you, pick up your dry cleaning, or bring you a glass of water. These servant-like actions will remove him of control. He must drop whatever he is doing when you ask him to get something for you.

Dominate In Bed

Some men need to be dominated in bed to feel as if they have lost control over their actions. There are various stages of sexual domination. Start slowly with your boyfriend, working your way up until you have both reached a comfortable level of bedroom domination. Some simple start-up tips include blindfolding, handcuffing, and gagging.

Dress for Success

AD: Learn how to give your man what he really wants. It’s Something He CRAVESMore than love, more than money, even more than sex.

Men feel intimidated by women who dress confidently. If you want to dominate your man, dress for the occasion. Wear the proper attire. If you’re dominating him in every-day life, wear powerful clothes that help to put you in charge.

The Bottom Line

Women need to be in tune with their boyfriend to completely understand how to dominate them. You need to work with your boyfriend’s control issues to help them get the release that they need. While some will prefer sexual domination, others will prefer non-sexual domination. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about their needs.

They will be glad that you turned to them for advice, as they will get the exact kind of domination that they are looking for. If you ask yourself,’how do I dominate my boyfriend?’, these tips are an important and useful first step.

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By Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Atlanta, GA.

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