How To Dominate Your Boyfriend

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Even in this day and age, many women feel as though they are relegated to a submissive role in their romantic relationships. So trying to figure out how to dominate your boyfriend is no easy task. It’s a complex situation in a world where the woman doesn’t really take on that role.

There is a deep psychological aspect to this question. That means you will need to do some soul searching before you can fully answer it. Why do you feel the need to dominate? Is equality enough? Are you looking for revenge? Do you need to be in control? Are there events from your past that are making you feel this way now? Or, is it for sexual fulfillment and nothing too serious? Getting help from a psychologist or relationship counselor can help a great deal as you uncover the meaning behind your desire.

Once you figure that out and you’ve determined that you still want control, there are many tips and tricks you can employ.

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The following tips are shared under the assumption that you will only use it for good. There are some powerful concepts here, so please do not use them to be abusive or negative in any way:

  1. Have him do favors for you. The reason for this is not to reap the immediate benefits of the favors, though that is fringe benefit. The real reason for getting him to do favors for you is that he will like you more. His brain will seek ways to justify doing the favors and it’s this justification that will lead to your becoming more dominant.
  2. Make him work for you. Study after study shows that women still do the majority of the chores around the home. Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why women have the need to regain some of the dominance in the relationship. Getting him to do some work for you will help to re-balance the scales. NOTE: While you may be appreciative of him doing his “fair share”, you shouldn’t make a big deal about it and praise him. Instead, act as though his working for you is to be expected.
  3. Watch what you wear. No, we are not talking about wearing sexy clothes. Instead, take a cue from people who are in a position of authority. Police officers, for example, almost always wear black, navy blue, or a darker shade of gray. They need every edge they can get to exert psychological dominance over the people they deal with. And watching what you wear will help you to get the upper hand.
  4. Be a better decision maker. The more decisions you make, the less opportunity he we will have to be dominant over you. He may be able to question your decisions. But he can’t change the fact that a decision has been made. Another benefit of making decisions is that you will get better at making them.
  5. Take charge. Some men are dominant for no other reason than that their women are not. So if you’re looking for how to dominate your boyfriend, the simplest way may just be to take charge.

AD: Learn how to give your man what he really wants. It’s Something He CRAVESMore than love, more than money, even more than sex.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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