5 Tips To Get A Boyfriend

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Some women make finding a boyfriend look easy! They rarely go weeks without having a man by their side. Other women find it difficult to get a boyfriend. We might even start to think it’s because we’re ugly. Some women fail to realize that a few small changes and attitude adjustments could help them to land the boyfriend that they want. If you don’t know where to start, we have you cover with our 5 tips to get a boyfriend. These five tips might be just what you need:

Give Yourself a Makeover

AD: Learn how to give your man what he really wants. It’s Something He CRAVESMore than love, more than money, even more than sex.

It’s easy to get comfortable with our look and style. Why change it? We get used to blending in with the crowd, sticking with neutral clothes and neutral haircuts. If you’re trying to get a boyfriend, you should give yourself a makeover. Find a haircut and hairstyle that stands out from the crowd. Buy new clothes that change up your style, helping you to stand out among all of the other ladies in his sights. Some simple changes will not change your personality, but will make you more easily noticeable.

Work On Your Confidence

Women who are confident are always the women who get the boyfriend. Men find confidence sexy and attractive, gravitating toward women who understand what they are worth. So, work on your own confidence. This will help you to grab his attention.

Go Out with Friends

Women are often confident when they are around people that they have fun with. If you’re trying to find a boyfriend, go out with a group of friends. Men will find your confidence attractive. And they will be confident enough to come up and talk to you when you’re having a good time.

Control Your Alcohol Consumption

AD: Learn how to give your man what he really wants. It’s Something He CRAVESMore than love, more than money, even more than sex.

If you’re working to get a boyfriend, you need to be in control as much as possible. Those who want a boyfriend need to be able to control their alcohol. A lot of men consider women who are drunk or intoxicated to be easy. He’ll look at you as someone he can have a good time with. Not someone we could see himself spending the foreseeable future with.

That doesn’t mean don’t drink! That would be silly. BUT, try to limit getting sloppy drunk around someone you’re crushing on. Even if he doesn’t find you less cuff-able in a drunken state, you might blurt out weird things that push him away.

Be Yourself

At the end of the day, confidence is key. You need to be ok with who you are and confident in who you are. Women who try to change their personality come across as fake. This hurts their chances of finding love. If you want to get a boyfriend, you need to be yourself. You don’t even need 5 tips to get a boyfriend. If anything, you just need this one: be confident!

Women are often amazed by other women who seem to always have a boyfriend at their side. They often compare themselves to these women in superficial and unimportant ways. These comparisons will not help women to get a boyfriend. You’ll never be able to re-create who they are, nor should you need (or want) to. Women who want to know how to get a boyfriend simply need to work to be as confident and in-control as possible. These simple changes can help to bring the men in.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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