Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me?

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There is no such thing as a true mind reader. And that’s one of the reasons that doubt can creep into even the best of relationships. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” is a common question. You will never get rid of that little, suspicious voice in your head until you have confirmation.

In a perfect world, you could take everything at face value. If your boyfriend says he loves you, then you could just believe it. Unfortunately, the real world isn’t always like that. Sometimes people will say things that they don’t really mean. And some people do, but damaged people aren’t that quick to believe. People with low self-esteem, or those who have been in unloving relationships before, will often wonder whether or not they boyfriend really loves them. This can make having a normal, loving relationship very difficult, even when their boyfriend loves them completely and unconditionally.

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You can look for a few signs that indicate his feelings for you, but remember these signs are not foolproof.

  1. How does he show his love for you? There are a few basic ways for showing love, but the problem is that the way you prefer to be shown love may not be the way your boyfriend shows it. Whew! That’s quite a concept, let’s use an example to explain it. If you feel the most loved when someone holds or cuddles you, then physical contact is important to you. But if your boyfriend feels the best way to express love is through saying “I love you”, then there can be a problem. He will be showing true love, but you won’t be feeling it because he doesn’t display love in the way you prefer.
  2. Does his body language match his words when he tells you he loves you? Of course there is always a chance that he doesn’t care for you as much as he says, and there is a neat trick you can use to find out. The trick is to listen to his words and watch his body at the same time. If you ask him if he loves you and he speaks the word ‘yes’, but shakes his head ‘no’, then the words aren’t matching his actions and it could mean he’s not telling you the truth.
  3. How does he respond when you ask him if he loves you? Does he get defensive, shy, or angry? Does he smile, hug you, or blush a little? Just noticing his response can give you a lot of clues as to how he feels about you.

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It can be hard having to ask yourself, “does my boyfriend really love me?” You’re probably worried that he doesn’t. And if not, what then? Are you going to break up, or are you going to give him some time to fall in love with you? Is he worth it? On the other hand, you may find that he really does love you. And that is something worth knowing.

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By Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn is a Make Him Yours XO contributor based in Oakland, CA.

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