Holiday Gifts For The Woman You Love

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The Christmas season is here again and you might be shopping for a special lady in your life. Where you are in your relationship will determine the type of gift you buy. The gift you buy will also depend on the type of person she is and what her interests are. This article will help you identify some holiday gifts for the woman you love.

Make sure you know who she is before you try to buy her a gift. Shopping for the lady in your life does not have to be hard. She will appreciate the thought no matter what the gift is, but if you take into consideration the WOW! factor then she will love the gift even more.


If she’s likes flashy things, the gift that will most likely elicit the WOW! response from her is…jewelry. Not every woman cares for jewelry. But is she likes jewelry, she’d probably love to receive a special gift in a small, nicely wrapped box from the jewelry store.

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You can’t go wrong with a nice necklace and earring set. Diamonds optional but very much appreciated if you can swing it. Or, you can also get something with her birthstone set in 14 carat gold or sterling silver. If you’re clueless about jewelry, ask the jeweler!

You can also check to see what her present jewelry collection consists of take some pictures that you can present to the jeweler. They can use the pictures to help you find something that’ll fit in her collection.

Concert or Show Tickets

If she’s not one for jewelry (and a lot of us AREN’T), try getting her tickets to a show she wants to see. Is there a band or musician she loves that’s coming to town soon? Is there a theater show coming up that you think she’ll like?

If you don’t know what she’s into music or show-wise, ask! But ask in a totally strategic and not suspicious way. Otherwise, she’ll know what’s up.

Something Sentimental

If concert tickets do not work either, consider making her something. A nice collage of pictures of you two and your favorite memories could do the trick. And since you’ll save money by printing out pictures that you already have, you can spend a little on professional framing. Or, you can frame it yourself.

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If you’re good with words, you could create a poem, letter, or book for her. Then pull together some snacks and gift cards into a cute little basket. She’ll love to receive an expression of your love and the snacks and gift cards are an added bonus.

See, finding holiday gifts for the woman you love isn’t that difficult! It’s not about the gift. It’s about the thought behind the gift that matters. As long as you show her that you put thought into finding something special for her, she’ll love your gift regardless.

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